Unsung marketing hero

I have two stories that demonstrate the effect on marketing of a staff member who is rarely hired by marketing:  your receptionist.

I once worked at a firm with a receptionist who typically spent about 15 minutes per day arguing with  their significant other on the phone.  When this person expressed interest in a job as a marketing coordinator and was not shortlisted for the marketing position,  they responded by “forgetting” to put a proposal worth a substantial amount of revenue in the overnight mail.   

While at another firm  I was routinely the recipient of unsolicited praise for our receptionist for their calm demeanor, their ability to understand when a call was urgent, and their ability to find either the right person or the right answer for the caller.  This praise came from clients and vendors alike.  At one point this receptionist’s salary was frozen and she got an offer that would have put her in a much better financial position.  Understandably, I offered to match the offer from my budget.

Everybody in your firm, I mean everybody, has an impact on marketing.


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