Seeing how we’re seen.

I’ve decided that some architects view marketers the way I view my house cleaner.  I will do without a lot of things in my life to keep my cleaning person. I consider that person to be integral to the success of my marriage.  Yet, when my salary is reduced or I get laid off, I end up cleaning my own house.  I’m nowhere near as good at it as my cleaning person, and frankly I hate doing it, but I know it needs to be done and if all I can afford is my own efforts, I’ll make due.

I think some architects view marketers the way I view my tax accountant. I can manage a 1040EZ form, but when my taxes include a self-employed spouse, a dependent parent and/or an estate or trust to settle, I’m clearly out of my depth.  I can read IRS documents, call a hotline and try to figure it out, but I recognize that my tax accountant has a level of knowledge and expertise that I frankly don’t have the time or interest in acquiring and I want an expert in the role.

The bigger question is, how should we be viewed?


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